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 Study the Science of Spirit, Mind and Body & 
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CLwave Program 1.0 - Consciousness Light Wave
Simple, Yet So Powerful !
General, Yet So Precise !
Obvious, Yet So Deep !
Theoretical, Yet So Practical !
Scientific, Yet So Experimental !

Accurate & To-the-Point!
Possible & Probable !
Powerful and Strong!

Easy to Understand !
Easy to Follow !
Easy to Remember !
Easy to Comprehend!
Easy to Access !
Easy to Believe !

Simple For Beginners and Experts !
 Powerful and Useful For New Enthusiasts & Advanced Practitioners !

Theoretical Explanations For Scientists
Easy and Practical For Everyone!

Practical Guide to Success!
Guide to Believe!
Guide to Mind Powers !
Guide to Mental and Spiritual Enlightenments !

Practial Guide to Control Consciousness
Guide to Achieve Control Over Deepest Layers of Subconsciousness !

Guide to Physical, Mental and Spiritual Manifestations !
Guide to Balance and Joy !
Guide to Happiness and Peace !

Guides to Harmony and Balance in Life !

Do You Want to Know The Most Important Concepts of Mind That Most Master Minds Can't Tell You?

Take A Look At What You Will Learn in CLwave Program 1.1.1 That Will Help You Balance Your Mind and  Improve Your Life Today!

Learn The Best Methods To Master Your Spirit, Mind and Body!


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CLwave Program 1.0 - Consciousness Light Wave ( Paperback Edition 1 )

ISBN-10: 1484868234
ISBN-13: 978-1484868232

"This is a small book, yet very precise and powerful that can change your consciousness and your perception about life and reality! It is a very practical and useful book for anyone at any age and any level of knowledge! This book is very dense and very brief so that you can remember each word of it after reading, and hopefully help you achieve success in your life and in your enlightenment journey!
This eBook is now available at Amazon Kindle Store to help many people at different levels of knowledge and awareness to achieve their dreams. This book is just a small practice in 7 chapters of consciousness and reality so that you can re-think and realize it by deep reading and hopefully great understanding of consciousness language , and letting the words sink in to shift your consciousness. You might be able to read this in just one hour or so, whether you are a beginner or advanced reader in such context, but you may want to pace yourself, and read this book in a 7 days or so if you like.
Good Luck & Best Wishes! "-The CLwave

Believe and Create, Enjoy and Live!

Consciousness and Spirituality - Consciousness Light Wave  


CLwave Program 1.1 

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CLwave Program 1.1.1 - Consciousness Light Wave (Download 7-Chapter Audio CD)
CLwave Program 1.1.1 Consciousness Light Wave 
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CLwave Program 1 - Consciousness Light Wave :

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